PXPRES studio was founded in Los Angeles by the artists who believe in the power of art to approach to problem-solving with it. We don’t think that we could change the world, yet it has enough power to change people or business. We just want to make everything better. What we create website is not for art dealers, but for everybody. “Maximize your voice”

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MIFUNE -The Last Samurai Exhibition @Tokyo, Japan

Toshiro Mifune is a Japanese actor who is famous for Rashomon(Japan,1950) and Seven Samurai(Japan,1954), and to celebrate his 70th anniversary of his acting career, The Exhibition of Mifune -The last samurai is held in Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese Happy Food SUNSEEKER Debut!

We produced that SUNSEEKER-The Kitchen Bus- which is an LA-based food truck serving American comfort food with a Japanese twist.

Tatara Samurai Hollywood Premier

Tatara Samurai (2017) is a Japanese feature film directed by Yoshinari Nishikori. We had a US premiere event at Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood.

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